Removal Treatments

Many girls have unwished-for hair that they want to remove either with non permanent or permanent methods. The most typical areas are the legs and arms, the face and the bikini line. Facial hair removal, because it is judged so distasteful, is usually the most probable candidate for permanent removal.

There are plenty of tough chemicals utilized in many chemical removal treatments but it’s also feasible to use naturally sourced ingredients that do not cause any damage caused to the skin or the environment. These are some natural remedies:

-you can bleach the hair with lemon juice and chamomile tea -sugaring dates back to traditional Egypt and is analogous to waxing. To make the treatment, you can make your own mix of honey, sugar and lemon juice. -you can use a rough stone like a pumice stone to remove the hair by friction. -you can buy treatments in stores that only use naturally occurring ingredients

Hair removal creams regularly use harsh chemicals that will cause damage to your skin. Though they are very effective, you must test them on your skin first to be sure that there is no reaction. You could also try and use ventilators which are electronic devices that roll down the skin and pull out the hair as they go. Because hair is pulled out by the roots, regrowth is slow and this is therefore an improved solution to shaving.

You need to note that all the above treatments are non permanent and that the hair grows back sooner or later. The 2 most usual types of permanent or semi permanent removal like laser hair removal are described below:

Electrolysis: this is an abiding hair removing method in which the hair will never regrow. A thin needle is inserted in the hair follicle and a mild electrical current is used to destroy the follicle. Electrolysis can be costly, agonizing and slow requiring a number of sittings.

Laser hair removing: this is a semi permanent hair removal methodology that requires the use of the energy from a low intensity laser beam to destroy the follicle. It is cheaper than electrolysis and the effects can persist for a few months. It is extremely well-liked in the treatment of undesired facial hair.

Ultimately it’s your choice as to which treatment you select depending on your budget and how cushty you are with a particular treatment for hair removal.