Relieving Dry Itchy Skin With Shea Butter

Suffering with dry skin can be extremely irritating and embarrassing. Having dry itchy skin can be caused by many different reasons with psoriasis being the main cause. As we age our skin can also become dry and scaly and weather has big part in skin condition as well. There are numerous home remedies and over the products that can relieving irritated skin. Using a product that contains Shea butter as one of the ingredients is great for relieving the itchy dryness or use some of the suggested tips below.

Taking hot baths and/or showers will cause the skin to become drier than it already is. The best solution for dry skin is to bathe in warm water for ten minutes. When the water is hot it will make the skin drier and the heat will cause more itching. The body wash you choose should be made with vegetable oil and natural made products for the optimum relieve. Always pat the skin dry instead of harsh rubbing.

The humidity in your home has a great deal with the dryness of your skin as well. For best result in soothing skin the more humid the home is the better. An easy way to increase humidity is to place a bowl of water close to heater vents. Replace the water often to prevent growth of mold or bacteria.

Immediately after bathing is the best time to apply moisturizer to the skin. Before going outside apply a good moisturizer to all exposed areas of skin as well as around the mouth and eye area. The moisturizer should have an oily type of content and thick.

Cleaning products are very hard on dry skin if using ones with harsh chemicals as an ingredient. There are many excellent naturally made cleaning products available that are easy on the skin. The most efficient products such as dish washing liquid have moisturizers in the soap. Shop for items that contain vegetable oils and natural cleaning substances.

When dry skin begins to itch, instead of scratching, lightly spray water from a sprayer bottle that has a drop or two of olive oil added to it. Spray the skin and pat or massage until absorbed.

Olive oil is an excellent home remedies item that can be used for dry irritated skin and dry hair. Apply small amounts of olive oil to the skin and lightly massage until it is absorbed into the skin. For dry hair, make a mask out of the oil and apply to hair especially the ends, allow soaking in for several minutes and rinse.

Products containing Shea butter are excellent for softening dry skin as well as relieving the itch. This amazing butter will also make scars lighter, help with wrinkles and when put in the hair it becomes extremely shiny. The butter can be purchased in products in varying degrees or in raw form. The raw butter works best if fluffed up before using. It also has a strong smell until absorbed.