Permanent Hair Elimination Methods

Excess hair that continues growing back is quite frustrating. You might have tried numerous methods to get rid this unsightly hair. It definitely gets old quick to continue plucking and shaving every single day. But have you worked with long lasting hair removal? At least with this type of treatment you will not have to worry about your unwanted hair each day.

There are three solutions to end hair regrowth on a more long term basis. These ways are waxing, Electrolysis and laser hair removal. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

First, while waxing isn’t necessarily permanent, it does help the hair grow back thinner and more supple as it is done regularly. Waxing plucks the hair from your root so it can cause some discomfort, however it sure beats shaving every single day. A thin layer of wax is applied directly on the skin and a strip of cloth is laid on top. It’s then ripped off rapidly with the unwanted hair. The hair usually remains off for 3-5 weeks.

The second option is to get Electrolysis. This is a process where an electric impulse is inserted into the hair follicle. A number of 30 minute sessions are needed over a two week period to completely do damage to the hair follicle. Some pain may be involved but it is not worse than the pain related to waxing.

The third option is hair laser removal. In this process, a laser light penetrates the hair follicle and kills it at the root. Sessions generally last about ten minutes repeatedly over a two week period. This method tends to work extremely well for anyone with lighter skin and darker hair. Typically this method is pain free.

Cost could be a consideration in relation to selecting any one of these methods. Waxing cost less than Electrolysis or laser hair removal. However, cheaper isn’t always better. Make sure you understand each process fully before making a decision.