Choosing the Best Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal is a not so often discussed but an extremely pressing issue since the dawn of ages. Women and men have been using various hair removal methods to acquire that smooth and clean look. Earlier, it was only the women who were using new methods for more perfect and long-lasting hair removal techniques, mostly including home-made remedies. But of late, men are also caught in the vibe. Getting that perfect smooth look is on men’s agenda too nowadays.

The removal of pubic and armpit hair has been a practice for both men and women since ages, some for the purpose of personal hygiene while others for religious reasons. But nowadays, with the trend of wearing shorter dresses specially bikinis, and the burst of the beach culture, hair removal has become even more of a headache for many. The best hair removal technique is the one which removes the hair without much effort and removes it for a good long period of time and leaves the skin smooth and clean and not with bumps such as is the case after using razors. Thus, there is an ongoing quest to find one such method.

Traditional methods for hair removal such as waxing and threading have been used since long. Lately, electrical devices and techniques like electrolysis, lazer therapy etc are also being used. But these techniques are both complicated and some are dangerous as well. Such as lazer therapy can have worst side effects. Electrolysis is a lengthy and complicated technique and not many people use it. Epilators are in vogue but they too need more effort than waxing and threading. Thus, the use of creams seems to be the easiest way. But are they as effective as the traditional techniques used by men and women the world over.

Hair removal creams and sprays are not a discovery of the modern ages. There are many home-made remedies that involve mixing up different leaves etc and using them for easy hair removal. Also, there are ways used for inhibiting hair growth but they can only be used once the hair has already been removed. But these techniques are not very well known and not all cultures practice them. Also, the preparatory time, the availability of the items is a tiresome and time taking job. Since the modern men and women need instant methods, creams are in vogue. They are readily available, bought off the shelf and used instantly without any lengthy preparations.

A score of hair removal creams are available in the market. Veet, Anne French, Revitol, Ultra Hair Away, Kalo, Nair etc. Some of these are used solely, others are used in conjunction with other hair removal techniques. Anne French can be considered the best hair removing cream for women. Revitol is the best hair removing cream for men and can be used by both men and women. Revitol can also be considered the best hair removal cream for face since it is made with all natural ingredients and has no side effects.