Alternatives For Chest Hair Removal

There are several reasons why men decide to look into the option of removing their chest hair. For one, many women consider it a turn off when their man has a thick clump of hair in the middle of their chest. It is not a pretty sight to be walking around the beach or hanging out by the pool when it likes like a guy has a carpet stuck to his pecs because his hair is so thick. Another reason for males to consider removing their chest hair is because it can show off their muscles better that they have spent hours working on at the gym. With that in mind, here is a look at some different choices for chest hair removal for men.

Chest Hair Waxing

One of types of body hair removal for the chest is via chest waxing. While this option can cost a little bit more money than simply shaving your chest hair, it can also be quite a bit more painful as well. There are a few different types of chest hair waxing that can be done.

Warm waxing is done a little bit faster that hot waxing as the warm wax is applied to the hairy skin and then immediately removed. Hot waxing on the other hand is applied to the skin and allowed to cool for a while. Once it has cooled, it has attached to the hair around it and with a quick pull, the hair can be removed.

One of the reasons that people opt for chest hair waxing despite the temporary pain and redness of the skin that it may cause, the time that your chest will remain hair free is going to be for a much longer time period that if you decided to shave your chest. The hair will also typically grow back in softer and finer by using the waxing process.

On the flip side, because waxing removes not only the hair on your chest but the top layer of skin as well, your chest is then more susceptible to ingrown hairs. In order to keep this from happening, it is very important to exfoliate the area at a minimum of once per week.

After the chest hair removal process has been completed, apply a moisturizer to the skin in the areas where the hair once was. It is best to leave the chest area exposed for a few hours rather than putting on a shirt right away. If you have the chest waxing done at a clinic or spa, then you want to have a cotton t-shirt that can be slipped on instead of some other type of material that could irritate the skin.

Chest Hair Removal Cream

Some men are not comfortable shaving their chests or want to feel the temporary pain of going through the waxing hair removal process so they opt for chest hair removal creams instead. Most hair removal creams will work for all parts of the body so you are likely not going to find a product that specifically calls itself chest hair removal cream.

When you are looking for a hair removal cream, there are a couple of ingredients that you want to look for. In addition to being able to remove the hair, it helps if the cream will protect and nourish the skin as well. Having natural ingredients can also help instead of a product that uses chemicals that may be bad for skin. One of the more popular products in the marketplace is Revitol Hair Removal Cream.

With most creams for hair removal, the process involves applying the cream to the chest hair, letting it sit there for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and then using a clean towel to wipe off the cream from the skin. With this process, you get the removal of hair, there is no pain involved and the skin can get moisturized and conditioned all at the same time.

This is not a one time process however. You will want to continue using the cream for the next few months and over time you will notice that the chest hair is growing back in much thinner and finer.

Chest Hair Removal Products

In addition to removing your chest hair by waxing or hair removal cream, there is also the option of shaving chest hair with a razor. Before starting right off the bat with a razor, you are going to want to cut down on the length of the hair first so razor has less to work with. You can do this with either hair clippers, beard trimmers or you can go the old school route and use a scissors. Once you are finished with the first pass, you only want to be left with stubs of hair left on your chest for the razor.

You have two options for how to do the shaving. Some people like shaving in the shower while others will opt for the bathroom and use a shaving gel on the chest. Remember when saving remember to always shave with the grain so when the hair grows back in you don’t run the risk of having ingrown hairs.

If you go with the shaving option, you are going to need to shave every few days just like you do for your face. If you don’t and let it go a week or more, as the hair starts to grow in you might find yourself itchy when the stubble rubs against your shirts.

Chest Laser Hair Removal

For those men looking for the chest hair to stay removed for longer periods of time, another alternative is laser hair removal chest treatments. With laser hair removal treatments, the sessions can last from 10 to 15 minutes to an hour or more depending on how much hair needs to be removed from the chest area. This will typically require several treatments which again will depend on the amount of hair to have removed and how long it takes until you are satisfied with the end result.

Chest Hair Removal Cost

Like other types of laser hair removal treatments, the costs can vary depending on several different factors, such as location, the amount of hair that needs to be removed as well as how thick the hair is. The average price if you call four or five different places can run anywhere from $300 to $500 per session. Remember that price is per session and not for all the treatments so the total cost could run a couple of thousand dollars when it is all said and done.