Advantages of Threading Hair

Threading, also known as epilation, is an ancient technique used mostly by people in the Eastern world like Egypt and India. However, at present, the method has also been widely used by Western countries. With this technique, a very thin cotton thread is rolled over unwanted hairs and is then plucked to remove the hairs. Unlike tweezing wherein hairs are removed one at a time, the threading hair removal method removes a row of unwanted hairs even at once. Since larger areas of hairs are removed, threading can be very painful. There may be a lot of facial hair removal for women, but threading is still used up to this time due to the following advantages:

  • It is hygienic. When doing threading, the thread that is used is used only once. Also, nothing touches the skin at all except for the cotton thread that is used. Therefore, there will be no occurrences of cross contamination since the material used is thrown every after session. With that, skin infection can be prevented.
  • It is best for people having difficulties with their eyebrows. Since threading can be very precise in removing unwanted hairs, this method can be very helpful especially for those who cannot achieve even eyebrows despite the use of tweezers, waxes, or sugars. With threading then, troubled eyebrows can be perfectly shaped in an instant.
  • It is chemical-free. What’s good about threading is that no chemicals are used. So even if irritations are developed due to chemical reactions, threading can still be done as it can never react chemically with the skin. Also, people who have sensitive skin can still have their unwanted hairs removed by using this technique.
  • It is not time consuming. As a matter of fact, when both eyebrows are threaded, it will only take at least 2 minutes to finish the process. No time is wasted then.