Revitol Hair Removal Cream

We all love summers. The freedom to finally shed off those extra clothes and the idea to feel the summer breeze on our body is very appealing. With summers also comes the joy of diving in to the sea and enjoy on the beaches. All kinds of water sports become popular practice again. But, summers are also accompanied with the frenzy of “hair removal”! With the lesser clothes and more skin, we have to finally come to terms with all those hair we’ve been hiding under the pile of our winter clothes. And when it comes to hair removal, it is a constant war man has been at for ages.

Hair can be removed easily through a lot of methods. But the core issue is how to retain that smooth and clean look for a longer time, and not to get hurt in the process. Safe hair removal techniques are few in number. And if we talk of ease of use, only creams come to mind. All the creams that the market has to offer have side effects. There are countless hair removal creams out in the market but some do not give desired effects, some leave an uneven effect to the skin and some cannot inhibit hair growth for long. Others have side effects in the longer run such as discoloration of the skin, uneven skin etc.

With this scenario on hand, no wonder choosing the right product with all the benefits in one tube is difficult, almost impossible. But not anymore! From the house of Revitol comes another fascinating product, Revitol hair removal cream. Like all Revitol products, this cream is made with all natural ingredients and has zero side effects. It is effective, gives you the desired results, is very easy to use and is best for both men and women. With its simple 3-step procedure to remove hair, just apply, leave on and remove. Welcome to a smooth, hairless feeling you never had before.

The product’s ingredients include all natural items. Some of the ingredients such as mineral oil, Aloe Vera extract and petrolatum are very good for skin and leaves the skin silky smooth. These ingredients give this cream a moisturizing effect too.

Since it is a new product, consumer reviews are of essence. Revitol hair removal cream reviews show that this product is what it promises. It can be safely used on any part of the body. So you no more have to have 3 different creams for removing hair. It’s all in one tube and very effective too. It even removes hair from the upper lip and eye-brow area! With all the  favorable Revitol hair removal reviews, this cream is a must have to say goodbye to all our hair removal night-mares. Revitol hair removal cream has been rated as the no. 1 product for hair removal on the market for both men and women. Users have experienced a total relief from having to use other hair removal techniques. Revitol hair removal has it all.

Choosing the Best Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal is a not so often discussed but an extremely pressing issue since the dawn of ages. Women and men have been using various hair removal methods to acquire that smooth and clean look. Earlier, it was only the women who were using new methods for more perfect and long-lasting hair removal techniques, mostly including home-made remedies. But of late, men are also caught in the vibe. Getting that perfect smooth look is on men’s agenda too nowadays.

The removal of pubic and armpit hair has been a practice for both men and women since ages, some for the purpose of personal hygiene while others for religious reasons. But nowadays, with the trend of wearing shorter dresses specially bikinis, and the burst of the beach culture, hair removal has become even more of a headache for many. The best hair removal technique is the one which removes the hair without much effort and removes it for a good long period of time and leaves the skin smooth and clean and not with bumps such as is the case after using razors. Thus, there is an ongoing quest to find one such method.

Traditional methods for hair removal such as waxing and threading have been used since long. Lately, electrical devices and techniques like electrolysis, lazer therapy etc are also being used. But these techniques are both complicated and some are dangerous as well. Such as lazer therapy can have worst side effects. Electrolysis is a lengthy and complicated technique and not many people use it. Epilators are in vogue but they too need more effort than waxing and threading. Thus, the use of creams seems to be the easiest way. But are they as effective as the traditional techniques used by men and women the world over.

Hair removal creams and sprays are not a discovery of the modern ages. There are many home-made remedies that involve mixing up different leaves etc and using them for easy hair removal. Also, there are ways used for inhibiting hair growth but they can only be used once the hair has already been removed. But these techniques are not very well known and not all cultures practice them. Also, the preparatory time, the availability of the items is a tiresome and time taking job. Since the modern men and women need instant methods, creams are in vogue. They are readily available, bought off the shelf and used instantly without any lengthy preparations.

A score of hair removal creams are available in the market. Veet, Anne French, Revitol, Ultra Hair Away, Kalo, Nair etc. Some of these are used solely, others are used in conjunction with other hair removal techniques. Anne French can be considered the best hair removing cream for women. Revitol is the best hair removing cream for men and can be used by both men and women. Revitol can also be considered the best hair removal cream for face since it is made with all natural ingredients and has no side effects.

Male Hair Loss Treatment Options

At one time, the only options a man had when he first started to lose his hair were to buy a hat or wear a wig to cover it up. Luckily, things have improved greatly since then, and a man who’s starting to go bald today has a number of treatments available to him which will help to give him back a full head of natural hair.

During the early onset of the balding process, the hair starts off by weakening and thinning out. At this first stage, the best course of treatment that can be taken is to start taking hair growth vitamins. These will feed the scalp all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to promote strong healthy hair growth, and should at the very least delay the balding process. The treatment can be taken as either a course of tablets, or as a solution that’s applied directly to the scalp – either as a mousse or in a daily-use shampoo. They combine a number of vitamins that should be beneficial – each treatment will be different, but they usually include: biotin, vitamins c e & b complex, PABA, silicon, pantothenic acid, and l-lysine.  The treatment will usually need to be maintained over several months to be effective, and a full course should cost in the range of $500.

Should the hair loss have become too pronounced, and the scalp already started to become bald, then hair transplant surgery will be the only effective treatment worth considering. This is a relatively new cosmetic surgery procedure, which has become remarkably popular and successful in its recent years, although the hair transplant cost is still fairly expensive. The basic premise of the surgery is that hair is harvested from a donor site on the patient’s body, and transplanted to the bald area of the scalp. The hair can either be removed as a strip from a part of the scalp that still has a covering and then grafted back to the bald area, or groups of follicles can be plucked from elsewhere on the body and punched back into the scalp in clusters. The second process is more effective, and results in less scarring and a quicker recovery time – it’s also the more expensive, however.

So with the cosmetic surgery industry turning its sights on helping traditionally male problems, and a range of home treatments available for those who don’t quite need the professional help yet – the age-old problem of how to hide your bald spot, could soon be a thing of the past.

Hair Growth Products That Work

We think of our hair as expendable, since we lose it regularly and it grows back regularly. We also put great emphasis on appearance, particularly how our hair looks. A full head of healthy, lustrous hair is something we all strive for, because it is a symbol of attractiveness and good health. So when we get a too-short haircut, we may start wishing our hair grew faster. And for some people, who may be losing too much hair, and whose hair may be growing back slower, or not at all, hair growth is at the forefront of their minds. Is there a way to promote faster hair growth? There must be, judging by the vast selection of hair growth products that are available in the marketplace.

Many hair growth products are available without a prescription. Some are topical creams or lotions that you rub directly on your scalp to promote hair growth. Others are products taken orally, such as vitamin supplements, also known as hair vitamins. Some products are gadgets or hair brushes that you use to stimulate and massage the scalp to promote hair growth and reduce stress. Many of these products may not be supported by formal scientific research, so you should use caution when selecting or using such a hair growth product.

There are several prescription hair growth products that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat alopecia, or excessive hair loss and baldness. These products have been tested rigorously, but because they are drugs, they require doctor consultations, prescriptions, and have side effects. These products include Minoxidil, sold under the brand Rogaine, Finasteride, sold under the brand Propecia, corticosteroids, and Anthralin, sold under the brand Dritho-Scalp. While most of these products are topical or oral treatments, corticosteroids are often administered as injections. Side effects vary for the different products, and some, such as Propecia, are not approved for women because of harmful effects from exposure.

Some people may be hesitant to use hair growth products containing man-made medicines due to potential side effects, as well as the difficulty in obtaining the products, either due to price or the need for a prescription. A hair growth product that contains natural ingredients such as various herbs and plant extracts may sound be more appealing than a product with man-made chemicals. Many of the natural herbs and extracts used in these products may have been used for many years in other countries, tapping into ancient wisdom.

There may be concern about the safety of such products, as they may not be tested as rigorously as man-made chemicals and medicines, but there are product development and quality guidelines in place to help protect consumers. Of course, you should always read product labels closely and do research before using any treatment.

It should be noted that hair growth products cannot, and should not, promise instant, overnight results. Whatever the product is, it will take time to produce results. If you come across a product that promises hair growth overnight, proceed with caution!

Arm Hair Removal Methods

With summer here and more people headed to the beach and pools due to the hot weather around the country, it pays to have put in the work at the gym and by eating healthy to have that perfect swimsuit body. But despite all of that work and efforts you may have gone through, it can be difficult to still look sexy or attractive if you have arm hair for women or a thick coat of hair on a guy’s arm. If you find yourself facing that problem, here is a look at some of the different types of arm hair removal methods.

The best ways to remove arm hair

There are several different options you have for removing the hair from your arms. The simplest way to remove the hair from your arms is by shaving it off. This can be accomplished with a safety razor and shave gel but it will need to be done at regular intervals otherwise the hair will soon grow back and it can come in harder than before.

There are different types of arm hair removal cream, also called depilatory creams that are on the marketplace. Remember that each person’s skin will react differently to hair removal products so what may have worked for your friend or neighbor might not necessarily work for you. Be sure to test a small area of the skin first to see how your skin and hair reacts to it before trying it all over your body.

A third option for arm hair removal for women is by arm waxing. While there arm hair removal waxing kits that you can use at home, you might want to visit a salon or hair removal center the first few times to see if the process is going to meet your needs for getting rid of arm hair.

How to remove arm hair permanently

There are two different types of methods for trying to permanently remove the arm hair that you have. That is through laser arm hair removal or electrolysis. There are pros and cons to trying to go with a type of permanent arm hair removal method, because you need to consider the number of treatments that laser treatment or electrolysis will require, as well as the cost of arm hair removal as well as the amount of pain or discomfort that you might have to endure going through each of the sessions.

Arm hair removal products

As mentioned above, there are several different types of arm hair removal products that you can try to use if you want to explore cheaper alternatives to laser hair removal. Typically most women try Veet Hair Removal or Nair Hair Remover products in order to get rid of arm hair. Be sure to read the instructions if you try one of these or other products to get the most effective use of the application. If not, you may find yourself getting rashes or other types of skin irritation. Try it in a smaller area first before going all out with using it all over the body to see how the skin will react.

As you can see there are many different options for arm hair removal so there is no reason not to give your skin the right kind of look that you want it to have. Always keep in your head that though there are many arm hair solutions, each of them will work different for other people so if something or some product does not work for you at first, don’t give up, you just need to keep trying other alternatives until you find one that helps remove the unsightly arm hair once and for all.

Kalo Hair Inhibitor Cream

With so many different products in the marketplace for hair removal and hair growth, there are very few offerings for hair inhibitors. One company, Nisim International offers a product in this category called Kalo Hair Cream. It is a natural hair inhibitor that is very ease to use and unlike with waxing or shaving, or some other types of hair removal creams, with this product, you don’t have to worry about it irritation your skin and leaving spots of red after it has been applied.

The hair retardant formula that Nisim International created back in 1997 helps to reduce the hair growth over time helps to reduce the amount of hair that grows by up to 10% every time. The product is so safe it can be used on the parts of the body that are sensitive to other types of hair removal treatments meaning you can get the hair removed from any part of your body by using the Kalo Hair Inhibitor.This includes the ability to remove facial hair, leg hair, excessive back hair and is safe to use in genital area.

Who Uses Nisim Kalo Hair Inhibitor Cream?

Men and women can both use the Kalo lotion as a pain free solution to their hair removal problems. Lots of athletes and players in sports like to remove the excess from the their body, making this product popular with swimmers, cyclists and bodybuilders who are looking to show off their stunning physiques.

How Does Kalo Hair Inhibitor Work?

The product typically comes in either a lotion or a spray form. After going the hair removal process of your choice, whether that may be laser hair removal, waxing, shaving or tweezing, applying the Kalo three times during the day that the hair is removed and then another three more times the day after.

You then don’t have to use the product again until your next hair removal session and then process is one again repeated. Each time you go through these steps, the hair will continue to grow back in thinner and at a much slower speed until it eventually is gone altogether.

Kalo Hair Inhibitor Lotion Reviews

You may find some websites trying to write about a Kalo Hair Inhibitor scam, but that is just to try to draw visitors to their website and not in order to actually explain the pros and cons of the product. The best way to find out how people use and view the product is by reading the various Kalo Hair Inhibitor reviews and seeing what the general consensus is. For example, if you look on, the Inhibitor Lotion has a review score of 3.5 stars out of 5.

Where to buy Kalo Hair Inhibitor?

There are only a couple of places where you can buy the Kalo Hair Inhibitor at a good price. Click here to get your order now so you can start the path to having the unwanted hair removed from your body.

Alternatives For Chest Hair Removal

There are several reasons why men decide to look into the option of removing their chest hair. For one, many women consider it a turn off when their man has a thick clump of hair in the middle of their chest. It is not a pretty sight to be walking around the beach or hanging out by the pool when it likes like a guy has a carpet stuck to his pecs because his hair is so thick. Another reason for males to consider removing their chest hair is because it can show off their muscles better that they have spent hours working on at the gym. With that in mind, here is a look at some different choices for chest hair removal for men.

Chest Hair Waxing

One of types of body hair removal for the chest is via chest waxing. While this option can cost a little bit more money than simply shaving your chest hair, it can also be quite a bit more painful as well. There are a few different types of chest hair waxing that can be done.

Warm waxing is done a little bit faster that hot waxing as the warm wax is applied to the hairy skin and then immediately removed. Hot waxing on the other hand is applied to the skin and allowed to cool for a while. Once it has cooled, it has attached to the hair around it and with a quick pull, the hair can be removed.

One of the reasons that people opt for chest hair waxing despite the temporary pain and redness of the skin that it may cause, the time that your chest will remain hair free is going to be for a much longer time period that if you decided to shave your chest. The hair will also typically grow back in softer and finer by using the waxing process.

On the flip side, because waxing removes not only the hair on your chest but the top layer of skin as well, your chest is then more susceptible to ingrown hairs. In order to keep this from happening, it is very important to exfoliate the area at a minimum of once per week.

After the chest hair removal process has been completed, apply a moisturizer to the skin in the areas where the hair once was. It is best to leave the chest area exposed for a few hours rather than putting on a shirt right away. If you have the chest waxing done at a clinic or spa, then you want to have a cotton t-shirt that can be slipped on instead of some other type of material that could irritate the skin.

Chest Hair Removal Cream

Some men are not comfortable shaving their chests or want to feel the temporary pain of going through the waxing hair removal process so they opt for chest hair removal creams instead. Most hair removal creams will work for all parts of the body so you are likely not going to find a product that specifically calls itself chest hair removal cream.

When you are looking for a hair removal cream, there are a couple of ingredients that you want to look for. In addition to being able to remove the hair, it helps if the cream will protect and nourish the skin as well. Having natural ingredients can also help instead of a product that uses chemicals that may be bad for skin. One of the more popular products in the marketplace is Revitol Hair Removal Cream.

With most creams for hair removal, the process involves applying the cream to the chest hair, letting it sit there for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and then using a clean towel to wipe off the cream from the skin. With this process, you get the removal of hair, there is no pain involved and the skin can get moisturized and conditioned all at the same time.

This is not a one time process however. You will want to continue using the cream for the next few months and over time you will notice that the chest hair is growing back in much thinner and finer.

Chest Hair Removal Products

In addition to removing your chest hair by waxing or hair removal cream, there is also the option of shaving chest hair with a razor. Before starting right off the bat with a razor, you are going to want to cut down on the length of the hair first so razor has less to work with. You can do this with either hair clippers, beard trimmers or you can go the old school route and use a scissors. Once you are finished with the first pass, you only want to be left with stubs of hair left on your chest for the razor.

You have two options for how to do the shaving. Some people like shaving in the shower while others will opt for the bathroom and use a shaving gel on the chest. Remember when saving remember to always shave with the grain so when the hair grows back in you don’t run the risk of having ingrown hairs.

If you go with the shaving option, you are going to need to shave every few days just like you do for your face. If you don’t and let it go a week or more, as the hair starts to grow in you might find yourself itchy when the stubble rubs against your shirts.

Chest Laser Hair Removal

For those men looking for the chest hair to stay removed for longer periods of time, another alternative is laser hair removal chest treatments. With laser hair removal treatments, the sessions can last from 10 to 15 minutes to an hour or more depending on how much hair needs to be removed from the chest area. This will typically require several treatments which again will depend on the amount of hair to have removed and how long it takes until you are satisfied with the end result.

Chest Hair Removal Cost

Like other types of laser hair removal treatments, the costs can vary depending on several different factors, such as location, the amount of hair that needs to be removed as well as how thick the hair is. The average price if you call four or five different places can run anywhere from $300 to $500 per session. Remember that price is per session and not for all the treatments so the total cost could run a couple of thousand dollars when it is all said and done.

Advantages of Threading Hair

Threading, also known as epilation, is an ancient technique used mostly by people in the Eastern world like Egypt and India. However, at present, the method has also been widely used by Western countries. With this technique, a very thin cotton thread is rolled over unwanted hairs and is then plucked to remove the hairs. Unlike tweezing wherein hairs are removed one at a time, the threading hair removal method removes a row of unwanted hairs even at once. Since larger areas of hairs are removed, threading can be very painful. There may be a lot of facial hair removal for women, but threading is still used up to this time due to the following advantages:

  • It is hygienic. When doing threading, the thread that is used is used only once. Also, nothing touches the skin at all except for the cotton thread that is used. Therefore, there will be no occurrences of cross contamination since the material used is thrown every after session. With that, skin infection can be prevented.
  • It is best for people having difficulties with their eyebrows. Since threading can be very precise in removing unwanted hairs, this method can be very helpful especially for those who cannot achieve even eyebrows despite the use of tweezers, waxes, or sugars. With threading then, troubled eyebrows can be perfectly shaped in an instant.
  • It is chemical-free. What’s good about threading is that no chemicals are used. So even if irritations are developed due to chemical reactions, threading can still be done as it can never react chemically with the skin. Also, people who have sensitive skin can still have their unwanted hairs removed by using this technique.
  • It is not time consuming. As a matter of fact, when both eyebrows are threaded, it will only take at least 2 minutes to finish the process. No time is wasted then.

What Does Permanent Hair Removal Mean?

There seems to be some confusion about what the phrase permanent hair removal means. When you hear the term permanent, according to the dictionary it means long-lasting or functioning for a long period of time. Let’s take a closer look at your options for removing hair and what they really mean.

Despite a lot of the claims that permanent hair removal products make, there is only one solution that has been a proven hair remover and been able to keep it off a long period of time and that is electrolysis hair removal.

When defining a long period of time, one year or more seems to be a good guideline to use which electrolysis provides for you. Anything shorter than that and now the definition changes to wording like long-term hair removal or short-term hair removal. There is also confusion when products throw around words like hair removal and hair reduction.

When performed properly, there is only option for permanent hair removal and that is through electrolysis. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that electrolysis is the best treatment for hair removal long-term. Electrolysis also has the advantage over other hair removal options because it can be done on those individuals with any type of hair color or skin tone.

There are also two processes for what some would call hair reduction that involves using a flash lamp or laser and this works for only those people with dark hair.

Advertising the use of lasers and their impact gets tricky because the FDA prohibits companies from claiming that using lasers results in permanent hair removal. This does not mean that lasers are not an effective form of hair removal. It just means that it does not remove 100% of the hair, but does up to roughly 90% or so. Thus the use of the terminology reduction and not removal. Results could vary anywhere from as little as a few months to up to a few years.

Hopefully this provides you with a better definition of what the difference is between permanent hair removal and permanent hair reduction. Once you understand what each term means, then it comes down to the difference in procedure as to far as cost, ability to withstand some discomfort as well as the time line for the process to take place.

Just be careful when reading statistics that are attached to certain studies when determining which method of permanent hair removal is right for you. Examine the fine print closely to see what it is really telling you. Companies can sometimes bend a number to look like the procedure that they offer is the best when that is not truly the case.

Three of the Top Hair Loss Products

Products for treating hair loss have come a very long way in the past decade. Chemicals such as Minoxidil and Finasteride have been proven to be effective at regrowing hair and are widely available. In this short article I’m going to look at 3 leading hair loss products on the market: Provillus, Propecia and Scalp Med.

1. Propecia – To buy Propecia you will need a prescription. In a study conducted over 5 years with males suffering from mild to moderate hair loss, just under half of males treated with Propecia had some hair regrowth. 42% had no further hair loss. Note that Propecia has some side effects such as erectile dysfunction, impotence and depression.

2. Provillus – Provillus is one of the leading hair loss products on the market at the moment. YOu don’t need a prescription in order to buy it. The active ingredient in Provillus is Minoxodil which has been clinically proven to slow hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. There is also a women’s version of Provillus which is very popular.

Minoxidil doesn’t have any sexual side effects and is perfectly safe to use. The only side effects are dandruff and an itchy scalp. Provillus contains moisturizers to counteract the dryness. In addition to the topical solution (containing minoxdili), Provillus hair loss solution comes with a dietary supplement containing minerals, vitamins and herbs which encourages the growth of healthy hair.

3. Scalp Med – With Scalp Med you don’t need a prescription. It contains Minoxidil plus moisturizers to combat itchiness. Scalp Med also provides additional vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is also available for women and costs $350 for a six month supply.

The cost of Provillus works out at just over $1 a day. Most men and women suffering from thinning hair would happily pay that to grow some hair back. Combine the value of Provillus with its effectiveness and it’s fair to say that Provillus is one of the best hair loss products on the market.